Two Tone Generator

Here in lies a story of how one thing leads to another.
I decided to build a home brew transceiver that I could use (more on this in subsequent posts). I needed a power amplifier (PA) that could be used with the exciter and that led to several designs and much frustration. However, when a PA is built how does one test it? Yes, power output and of course linearity. I hear you; a PA requires many more tests and parameters that can prove it works well, but, I wasn’t shooting for the moon. So I stumbled on a device called a two tone generator and that led me to building one. Why buy when you can build, especially if a junk box is available and la voila… I have everything.

So I searched and finally convinced myself that I had the ultimate circuit a.k.a the simplest one that would allow me to ‘test’ my home brew PA. Spoiler Alert: No tests on a live PA will be conducted in this section of the blog.

There are of course a number of ways that a two-tone generator can be achieved and I’ve included some links.

Maybe if I get a bit more adventurous, I’d like to try this one, and vary the frequencies a bit?

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