Kaimur-The SI5351 experiment

Pursing my keen interest in Homebrewing, I designed some interesting blocks to help me in my design. I have a few PCBs to share with likeminded homebrewers , details of which are:

This is a Si5351 BoB (Break Out Board) which has its own 3V3 Voltage regulator and I2C level shifter for easy interfacing with 5V microcontroller (Connect it to a PIC/Arduino or maybe even a Raspberry Pi)

Almost compatible with the Chinese AD9850 DDS module available.

Size of the double sided PTH PCB – approx 46mm x 25mm (1790mil x 1030mil)

10pin MMSOP to DIP PCB also available for easy of assembly for the Si5351 chip.

Please see the schematic below:Kaimur-3-SI5351-schematic

The Top Overlay


Bottom Overlay


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