SuNDIAL – SigNal DemodulatIon InterfAce (using DigitaL Signal Processing)


DSP Module

Having built simple SDR (Software Defined Radio) front-ends such as the DR-2E (YU1LM) and the Softrock as well as the Ensemble, I had to use a computer running suitable software to demodulate the signals. Several standalone receivers do exist today and so does the technology for building such a standalone module. Scouting around for ideas, turned up this EDEN DSP module (pictured) that will has a 13kHz DSP receive SSB/CW IF system with switched bandwidth filtering, de-noiser and auto-notch.

I sourced the PCB from cumbriadesigns which arrived in the post and set about collecting components and applying for samples from Microchip (DSPIC33FJ64GP306) and the TLV320AIC23BPW (Audio CODEC) from Texas Instruments.Soldering this took about 4hours (SMD soldering is easy if you have right tools), working after-office for an hour each day.

Next steps
I now figure that I require a PICKIT2 programmer running on 3.3v that will allow me to program the DSPIC. I also now have to relearn a bit of ‘C’ to understand the functions and the ready code available on the groups ( This will be a step up from the ProtonBasic that I’ve been using so far and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I am now designing a PICKIT2 board from scratch using an 18F2550 and will have some PCBs made shortly, if all goes well, the PCBs may well be in hand in the next 2 weeks.

Onward ho!!

Disclaimer: I have no association with any of the individuals or organisations listed above.


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